If you have not already done so, please email John Manning to confirm your preferred year group for the lesson you'll be teaching.

Design a 30 minute lesson. The lesson will be for a whole class and a teaching assistant will be present. It can be on any area of the curriculum you choose, but must focus on developing speaking and listening skills.

You will not be able to use the interactive whiteboard for this lesson. There are three reasons for this:

  • ​We're interested in seeing your rapport with the children, not your rapport with a computer
  • ​Some schools have a policy of not allowing external devices such as memory sticks to be plugged into school IT systems, and we wish to be consistent across schools
  • ​Some candidates have found themselves at a disadvantage in the past because of last-minute compatibility issues over software they wish to use, ability to access online video material etc, and we don't want to place candidates in a position where technical issues can cause them to be disconcerted or thrown - thus underperforming and not demonstrating the best of their ability

The focus of the observation will be on your ability to engage with, and move forward the learning for, the children.

You should submit three copies of your lesson plan on arrival at the school. These must clearly state your name, choice of topic, and lesson objective. You'll also need to provide your own resources for the lesson.

​Two observers will be present in the lesson. There will also be a teaching assistant on hand.


​All candidates will be called for interview following the observation; however, please note the weighting of the selection process gives greater importance to the observation than to any other single element of the process.

All candidates will be given brief feedback by the observation team following the lesson. If you're unsuccessful in the outcome of the whole process, you'll be given the opportunity to obtain feedback on your overall performance.

Information for 2019 Pool Interviews

Brief for Primary Pool Lesson Task