A group of Luton schools have come together and agreed on holding a pool interview day on Monday February 27th. The schools are Ashcroft High, Chalk Hills Academy, Challney High School for Girls, and Lea Manor High. If successful, we have provisionally planned two further days in March. On this occasion, we are looking for candidates to teach French and / or Spanish.

The way it will work is this. Apply by sending me a CV, and the deadline is this Sunday night, the 14th. The interviews will be held in Lea Manor on the 19th. As part of the interview, you’ll be asked to teach a 30-minute lesson, probably to a Year 8 or 9 class, but we’ll confirm the details and the brief for the lesson you’ll teach once we have a clear idea of numbers etc. The observers and interviewers will be made up of teams of SLT members from across the schools (so you might be observed teaching by staff from two schools, and then interviewed by a panel from the other three). The interviews will take place during the morning, and in the afternoon I’ll organise a whistle-stop tour of the other four schools. The schools will then approach you with offers, depending on how the interview went, so you could be going home that evening with five job offers in your pocket, or receiving offers over the course of next couple of days after school teams have had time to confer.
For candidates travelling a significant distance, it may be possible to arrange accommodation on the night before if given sufficient notice. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this.

​For further information email john.manning@leavaleteachers.net

High School Interview Day: 19th May 2017