Contact us for details of the next round of pool interviews for July / September 2020.

​Interviews will commence in January 2020 and continue on a regular basis until all vacancies have been filled.

Because of the current measures around Covid 19, interviews will be online. See below for details of the new process.

With the pool, you make one application and have one interview, and if accepted could be offered a job in any of our group of schools. Open the headers below for more information on the various stages of the process.

The application

The interview

Successful candidates

Unsuccessful candidates

Covid 19 update

While social distancing measures are in place, the interview process will be conducted online and will look like this.

1. Submit an application to John Manning ( as normal.

2. Prepare a 30-minute lesson, to the year group of your choice. It can be on any area of the curriculum, but should focus on speaking and listening skills. You should also record yourself, using any medium of your choice as long as it is likely to be easily viewed by the recipient schools, delivering part of this lesson (we suggest 2-3 minutes) to a 'virtual class'. This should be submitted along with your lesson plan.

3. Prior to the interview, you will be sent the brief for a writing task. You should complete this, scan your draft, and return it to John Manning before the interview.

4. The first part of the interview will be with two school leaders from different schools, where you will discuss your lesson and the clip of your teaching.

5. You will then have a break, during which you will be sent the topics of the interview questions so you can think about and plan your responses.

6. The formal interview will be with John Manning and two headteachers.

​7. You will be notified of the decision, and given any appropriate feedback, on the same day. If successful, your details will be circulated to all the pool schools with current vacancies.

The Primary Pool

Recruitment to primary schools

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